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Asciari FW2019 / Antartica

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The Autumn / Winter 2019 collection is inspired by Antartica.
Antartica is a highly imaginative place, possessing a unique feeling of space, light and openness. Deemed to be the last wilderness on Earth, it appeared pristine to the first explorers. Today due to the incoming pollution and global worming generated by an irresponsible humankind is risking to dramatically change. This collection makes us reflecting on the impact of any action on the nature and on ourselves consequently. A metaphor of everything that is untouched and authentic and it is mistreated and corrupted due to the decaying of certain values as respect, loyalty, and education.
Antartica is a chromatic source of inspiration as well. The common perception of Antarctica as a white reflective monochromatic space, where only icebergs and white-out blizzards are present it is not completely correct: different spectra of hues, from the darkest blue of the sea to the lightest blue of the sky along with pink, green, orange and even yellow can be find.
The urge of using sustainable materials and fabrics is here a concrete choice. The pureness of the lines and shapes, is paired with green fabrics: precious wool and hemp blends with no dyeing and organic cottons. This visually recalls also the rawness of the first explorers’ garments that reached Antartica at the beginning of 1900. In addition, a new patented "fabric" made of natural feather (Thindown) has been used to give volume and thermal insulation, without affecting the purity of the surfaces with quilts. The collection is then completed with some garments in wool lace, double splittable cashmere subjected to a felting process and knitwear and accessories in cashmere.
Finally, the manufacture is completely made in Sicily pursuing sartorial excellence and attention to details.

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