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Advance Play Design: Reflective Video

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The overall design and collation of responses, was inspired by the over-arching theme that evolved through twelve weeks of experimentation with the colliding worlds of both physical and digital, in which I wanted to create a response that encapsulated this emerging theme of mixed media.

There were many times throughout each week I leveraged past learnings and understandings from the world of theatre to spark some creative thinking, whilst guiding these thoughts into
a new unfamiliar space through game design, animation and interactivity. Theatre itself encompasses the world of play, so I decided to leverage the idea of using a theatre as the presentation space as this also worked well with the realisation that our 10 responses were broken up into two acts throughout the 12 weeks.

To create this mixed media outcome, I hand built a theatre stage through an improvised play session, out of bulser wood, red velvet material and gold ribbon, which I would then place the digital presentation into and aim to apply some really loose sketchy animation of puppets and craft pieces over the top to make an engaging mixed media presentation. There wasn’t really much of a plan when embarking it other than knowing I needed materials to build it. The rest was just formed through play and scrounging around my playful study to see what random bits and bobs I could potentially use - which is when I had this idea of using the little animation man as the old time presenter. I had fun making a poorly designed green screen setup to film a couple of objects to put into the presentation - which worked surprisingly better than expected.

The overall outcome turned out like a modern day diorama. A miniature little film set used for animation or large scale model to present information, which many of us have would have experienced through play and learning at school through some point of our lives.

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