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[3D Animation] - 3D Principles of Animation Demo Reel

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This video is all the animations I made for my 3D Principles class. All-in-all, it was a Very easy class for me, since I've been using Maya for about 3 years at this point for Modeling, Rigging, and recently animation, so I needed to challenge myself as much as possible. That's where deviations in the assignments began. I'm gonna talk about those assignments below.

Assignment 1: Bouncing Ball. Take a ball and make it bounce around a set. I did the blocking and a lot of polish in one night, so spent the next few days making it as nice as I could. Wasn't hard at all.

Assignment 2: Bouncing Ball 2, bounce a beach ball and bowling ball in the same scene. Also wasn't too hard once I got the hang of it, and since I had only a week to make this, it was also due the class after the first BB was due so that caused overlap, I didn't get much time to push myself besides the extended length.

Assignment 3: The Tail assignment, take a tailed ball and move it around a lot, experiment with character acting as well. This was a lot of fun, I ended up struggling for a bit, and scrapped it all for the final version, I managed to do it Very quickly afterward having it done a day early, from there I was a little skeptical on how to challenge myself for the jump assignment.

Assignment 4: Jump. So we were supposed to use the Goon Rig in a simple set, I decided not to do that. My professor OK'd the usage of Spider-Amy, so I went ahead and used her for this shot and wanted to push it beyond basic stationary acting, and a jump. I came into the launch date of this assignment with the blocking completed which gave me an edge, from there I polished it for 2 weeks. This was a blast.

Assignment 5: Walk Cycle. This assignment was a cinch. I finished the jump a day early so I started the first cycle early, got critique from the Professor after we launched it at the end of class, discussed the possibility of how I will push this assignment and the next. He brought up two options, either I do two walk cycles or start the walk to stop early. I ended up doing both and trying to make the second walk be more reference based, but was too far ahead to do that. I finished both of these walks practically over the first weekend.

Walk to Stop: I spent a week blocking this sucker out because it was just massive to do, and was very far ahead to the point where tweaks weren't taking forever to do, so I did two walks to stops, one that was wacky, and one that was more reference-based. These two were my favorite animations because of the quick turnaround required to work on them simultaneously and the different thought process required for them.


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