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TopDocWord document editor with EtherPad

TopDocWord document editor online with Etherpad

Our web application to create and edit documents. It uses Etherpad, which can create documents and export them in Microsoft Word format. App available in our cloud hosted platform: 



TopDocWord is is EtherPad hosted in RedcoolMedia. It allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time. Write articles, press releases, to-do lists, etc. together with workmates, friends or colleagues. All of them can work on the same document writing at the same time.


TopDocWord document editor online with Etherpad


In TopDocWord EtherPad the documents are named "pads". and it provides the following main features:

* Real-time Collaborative Editor. Each user participating in a pad is listed in a chatbox and is identified by a username and an authorship color. Users can change the authorship colors. This feature highlights the content written by the participants in the color that was assigned to them. This feature, along with version control means that this app is very useful for editors beasue they can perform version control over any document change.  Writers can  see the editors working in real-time and can learn from them.

* Chatbox. TopDocWord Etherpad has a chatbox for each pad so that you can communicate with other participants. It providess unique URLs for each pad and you can invite collaborators join and work with a pad. 

* Version Control. TopDocWord saves a pad at regular intervals but users can alsosave particular revisions of the pad when they wish and the old revisions can be viewed or restored any time. 

* Time Slider. Time Slider allows  to view all the changes, edits and additions by the collaborators of a pad through time and different revisions. 

* Import/ Export in various formats. TopDocWord allows users to import or export the whole documentation in various formats such as HTML, Word, Text, PDF, Bookmark File or Open Document.