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How to save and import MovieStudio projects RedcoolMedia

Use JSON files to save and import your MovieStudio and VideoStudio projects. Two additional features that enhance the way end users can work with RedcoolMedia.


One of the most important demands from our end users is now finally available in our two platforms:

- VideoEstudio, the RedcoolMedia video editor online. 
- MovieStudio, the RedcoolMedia movie maker online.

These two platform now includes two additional features:

- Projects can be saved in a file for a later composition.
- Project saved previously can be imported in either VideoEstudio or MovieStudio.

The files used for importing and saving the projects are JSON files. You can work long hours, save your work, and continue working at any time because you have your work saved in a JSON file. 

 These two options have been included in the Tab "Project Options" as shown in the following picture:

How to save and import MovieStudio projects

This video shows how to use these two functionalities: