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Similiar to webmin in that this is a web-based user interface for devices, but instead of an admin panel, is more in the mannor of a traditional user interface such as Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and Ubuntu Linux. This project was designed to run as the environment supervisor for various types of equipment including desktops, laptops, mobile and headless devices, and more! It works very well as the complimentary part to our other project FXwm.


  • Web-base user interface
  • Works with devices such as desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets
  • Works with headless devices such as stereo receivers and settop boxes
  • Can be used to control any IoT (Internet of Things) device
  • An OEM and Windows-esque theme are available for interface control


Information Technology, Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop, Testers

User interface


Programming Language

Unix Shell

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