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vnStat SVG frontend

Free download vnStat SVG frontend Web app or web tool

This is the web app or web related tool named vnStat SVG frontend whose latest release can be downloaded as vnstatsvg.git-20150410.tar.xz from this website



vnStat SVG frontend


Download this app named vnStat SVG frontend.

vnStatSVG should be the best web front-end to vnStat (a network traffic logger).

It only requires a CGI-supported http server setup but also generates a great graphical report with SVG. NO PHP REQUIRED!

It works for Linux server, cluster and even for a busybox based embedded Linux system.

It has been tested with Apache, Nginx and even the lightweight httpd server of Busybox.

vnStatSVG is friendly to generic Linux hosts, servers, embedded Linux systems and even Linux clusters.

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  • Generates graphic output dynamically with SVG and AJAX
  • Not only works with Apache, Nginx but also works with Busybox httpd and even any other lightweight httpd servers
  • Only need CGI support, No PHP and other modules needed
  • Need very little bandwidth consumption for only transfer few data in XML format, the XSL, js and CSS files only need to be transferred once
  • Supports to monitor multi-interfaces (eth0, eth1…) of a single host
  • Supports to monitor multi-hosts (of a cluster) in one window
  • Supports multi-protocols(http, ftp, file and even ssh) to transfer data between target hosts and the main web service host
  • Support different web browsers, the latest chromium and firefox have been tested
  • Support multi XML data dump methods, include a shell script version, a standalone C version and a ‘plugin’ to the official vnStat (only 1.6 currently)


System Administrators

User interface


Programming Language

Unix Shell

Database Environment


Free download Web app or web tool vnStat SVG frontend from