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Time Travel Project

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Time Travel Project


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Cryptography - The art of writing or solving codes. The study of techniques for secure communication.

Cipher - Code to secure communication. The cipher is used for encryption or decryption

Temporal Cryptography - The study of techniques to recover information lost or hidden using space-time as the cipher and using computer science as the code to crack that cipher.

This is a form of time travel since this can be used to view other times and places or find information lost in space and or time. This is computer time travel.

The computer code here is for experimenting and playing with temporal cryptography. For more information please look at the wiki here and my open source time travel code. Also please see my web-sights and read my blogs.
Enjoy, Reactor1967


  • Ability to look at all computer files in space-time as a number and construct them on your computer because Einstein said all space-time exist at the same time thus all computer files exist at the same time in space-time.
  • Ability to use a regression line move a destination file up and down and construct the target files around it.
  • Ability to randomly generate computer files.
  • Two robots available for sifting through the time travel computer media


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