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SSH Access Manager

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This is the web app or web related tool named SSH Access Manager whose latest release can be downloaded as ssham-web_1.0.0-beta01.tar.gz from this website



SSH Access Manager


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SSH Access Manager is a comprehensive access security management platform that permits IT professionals to easily establish and maintain an enterprise-wide SSH access security solution from a central location.

It enables a team of system administrators to centrally manage and deploy ssh keys. This app is intended to be used in rather large environnements where access to unix accounts are handled with ssh keys.

SSH Access Manager allows you to maintain user public keys. You can organise these keys with group of keys called keyring. Then SSH Access Manager will deploy the keys and/or keyrings to specified unix accounts / groups / servers.

User can be read from a LDAP directory.


System Administrators

User interface

Web-based, Command-line

Programming Language

Perl, PHP

Database Environment


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