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School ERP Plus

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School ERP Plus


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free school software with source code php mysql. Admin Panel: HR Management, Members / Users, School Configuration, Admission Management, Library Management, Attendance, Message, Clubs and Councils, Health Management, Examinations, Transport, Account Management, Event and Notices, Visitor Information, Extra Curriculum, Alumni Management (Additional payable if required), Suggestions, Poll, Software Settings, Vendor management, Inventory, News (Beta Version), Blog (Additional payable if required), Gallery, Hostel / Dormitory Management, All Reports, Wallet (Beta Version), Inward / Outward, Courses, Learning Management, Name Change, Inspection Management, Student Promotion, Send SMS, Virtual library, Task Management, Video Conference Teacher Panel: Dashboard, Members, Homework / Assignment, Attendance, Leave Management, Examinations, Event and Notices, Meetings, Subject and Routine, Library Management, Message, Clubs and Councils, Suggestions, News, Poll, Gallery, Blog:- Additional if req


  • Responsive
  • Full Source Code
  • HR Management
  • Members / Users
  • School Configuration
  • Admission Management
  • Library Management
  • Attendance Students and Staff
  • Message
  • Clubs and Councils
  • Health Management
  • Examinations
  • Transport
  • Account Management
  • Event and Notices
  • Visitor Information
  • Extra Curriculum
  • Alumni Management (Additional payable if required)
  • Suggestions
  • Poll
  • Software Settings
  • Vendor management
  • Inventory
  • News (Beta Version)
  • Blog (Additional payable if required)
  • Gallery
  • Hostel / Dormitory Management
  • All Reports
  • Wallet (Beta Version)
  • Inward / Outward
  • Courses
  • Learning Management
  • Name Change
  • Inspection Management
  • Student Promotion
  • Send SMS
  • Virtual library
  • Task Management
  • Video Conference
  • Homework / Assignment
  • Leave Management
  • Subject and Routine
  • Extra Curriculum
  • Fee Management
  • Transport
  • And many more


Developers, Management

User interface


Programming Language

PHP, JavaScript

Database Environment


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