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OpenEMM e-mail marketing automation

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OpenEMM e-mail marketing automation


Download this app named OpenEMM e-mail marketing automation.

OpenEMM is a browser-based enterprise application for email marketing, marketing automation, email newsletter and service emails (like transaction emails, event and time triggered emails) and lead management.

OpenEMM offers tons of features for professional users, among them: a great user interface, template-based HTML mailings, automatic bounce management, mail opening and link tracking, lots of graphical realtime statistics, a content management system, self-defined and behaviour-based target groups, a multi-queue mail backend for maximum sending performance, a time-driven automated data import and export feature, an extensive set of webservices, a plugin interface to easily extend the core functionality, a scripting feature to enhance the functionality of OpenEMM with triggerable customized actions and an audit-proof user activity log.


  • mail list server
  • static and dynamic mail templates
  • target groups based on custom profile fields and user behaviour
  • mail opening an link click tracking
  • bounce management
  • graphical statistics
  • realtime statistics
  • context-sensitive online help
  • multi-queue mail backend
  • integrated content management system
  • time driven automated data import and export
  • event and time triggered mailings
  • service and transaction mails
  • scripted actions
  • modern webservice API
  • plugin interface
  • audit proof user activity log
  • and much more ...


Information Technology, Customer Service, Telecommunications Industry, Advanced End Users, System Administrators, Management

User interface


Programming Language

Python, C, Java

Database Environment




AGNITAS is a software developer and service provider for email marketing and marketing automation software. It is maintainer of the open source project OpenEMM and offers support, training, maintenance, hosting and custom development for OpenEMM

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