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Mini Office

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Mini Office


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✿ Its a VERY simple application, not many functions, it only helps to calculate goods prices (add/remove VAT, etc) in a very fast way.

✿ Has some RADIO and TV stations, from the web, to help to create some atmosphere in the shop ("Media" button)

✿ Its in portuguese idiom only. Give it a try, maybe the idiom isnt a issue for you... (the screenshots images may help too). Developed only for my own use at my shop. - The source code may be lost, since my HDD is broken... Lets see if I can find a way to recover it... So I could add other idioms, etc, and share it too.

✿ IMPORTANT CONDITION: All this software usage, includind any possibly wrong values results, etc... Any issue or damage that may occur, its all at your own will and risk!


  • Fast VAT calculations.
  • Displays news highlights from the web.
  • Displays date and time.
  • Easy and simple as it can be.
  • Portable. No install is required.
  • Some RADIO + TV stations from the web.

Free download Web app or web tool Mini Office from