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LPAR2RRD VMware, AIX, AS400 monitoring

Free download LPAR2RRD VMware, AIX, AS400 monitoring Web app or web tool

This is the web app or web related tool named LPAR2RRD VMware, AIX, AS400 monitoring whose latest release can be downloaded as lpar2rrd-5.07.tar from this website



LPAR2RRD VMware, AIX, AS400 monitoring


Download this app named LPAR2RRD VMware, AIX, AS400 monitoring.

LPAR2RRD collects performance data and generates actual, historical and future trends utilization graphs of your virtual environment.
It is agentless (it receives everything from the management stations like vCenter or HMC).
The product supports IBM Power Systems™ and VMware™ virtualization platforms.
Collected data set can be extended about data provided by the OS Agents or NMON files.

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Read "Migration to POWER8" article to get prepared for migration to POWER8:


  • 4.95: PDF and XLS reporting
  • 4.90: IBM i (AS400) OS agent
  • 4.80: VMware support
  • 4.70: Further GUI enhancements, Active Directory support
  • 4.60: GUI enhancements like graph zooming, back button ...
  • 4.50: New GUI, NMON support, POWER8 in CPU Workload Estimator
  • 4.00: OS agent extension and Memory Configuration Advisor
  • 3.60: OS agent for retrieving memory and paging utilization data
  • 3.50: CPU Configuration Advisor
  • 3.30: Active Memory Sharing support and enhanced CPU Workload Estimator
  • 3.20: Alerting, Custom Groups and Favourites have been implemented
  • 3.15: CPU Workload Estimator has been released
  • 3.14: Live Partition Mobility and generally lpar migration support
  • 3.10: top10 page, new "Physical and Logical cfg", aggregated graphs per CPU pools
  • 3.02: new trend grafs with future prediction of CPU load


Advanced End Users, System Administrators, Developers, Architects

User interface


Programming Language

Unix Shell, Perl

Database Environment


Free download Web app or web tool LPAR2RRD VMware, AIX, AS400 monitoring from