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Jigy Generator OSX

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Jigy Generator OSX


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The Jigy Generator is the simplest way to build and code a Java web application with a Spring Framework by using a project creation wizard and now it's been made even simpler by downloading a very small HTML file (337 bytes) and filling out a few form fields and let it construct your project with ease! The resulting project will be a Java web application with a Spring Framework configured to run in Eclipse or Netbeans. The project is annotation-based and provides dependency injection of project resources and simple annotation-based transaction management. Your created project will be already configured to connect to your project's database and to return JSON responses when required. Also the login and file upload modules will be fully functional immediately upon project creation. We promise once you've Jigy Generated a project, you will never want to start from scratch again!


  • Out-of-the-Box User Authentication
  • Automatically Handles File Uploads
  • Creates All Your Domain Objects
  • Creates All Your DAO Objects
  • Converts HTML Template Files to JSP's
  • Connects to Database Out-of-the-Box
  • Completely Configures the Spring MVC Framework for You
  • Allows Payment Processing on Website Out-of-the-Box
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JavaScript, JSP, Java

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