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Heuristic Filter for Squid

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This is the web app or web related tool named Heuristic Filter for Squid whose latest release can be downloaded as ut-heuristic.1.00.tgz from this website


Heuristic Filter for Squid


Download this app named Heuristic Filter for Squid.

Heuristic Filter for Squid is a free API that blocks Adult/Porn Websites.
It works with all versions of Squid.

Purpose: Block Adult/Porn Websites at your Squid level before users can access them.

How: Once installed on your Squid server, score of each Websites domain name are evaluated by our cloud servers before users can access them. Depending on your settings (MaxScore) Website will be blocked by your Squid and users won’t be able to access it. The Heuristic Filter is based on international keywords database combined with a powerful algorithm that is able to identify possible Adult/Porn content websites. The cloud server that delivers the score is really fast and doesn’t slow down your web traffic.

Advanced: If you need to have a local version of this API please contact us at [email protected].


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Free download Web app or web tool Heuristic Filter for Squid from