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Have You ever wondered what would be like the weirdest Grand Theft Auto clone ever made? Well, we are pretty close with the FalansterCity3D urban environment rendering-engine where You can also drive the cars in the city.
And moreover, it's a browser-game, so it runs instantly in any internet-browser. Why not try it directly at the link below?

Even on smarthones or whatever, as long as it has a browser and sufficient CPU-speed. Whereas the CPU requirements are actually very low.
And with some little sponsoring, this could also come to a full completion, leading to a mind-blowing product in little time. And also produce spin-offs like something similar, but written in C++, and featuring nice, textured OpenGL graphics, and even lower system requirements ; and even more... .

Brought to You by Simon (alias ''the Nerd of Algorithms")

If You thing You think You may become a sponsor for it's dev, let me know.


  • 3D urban environment, cityside ; with the ability to drive cars around
  • full-fledged 3D graphics produced by internal procedure, so no compatibility problems
  • It can be used also as a 3D map-program, a very advanced one
  • In can be used as a game also, similar to GTA 1, 2 and a little bit GTA 3
  • It's a fully compatible Browser-application (yes! it's possible!) - written in pure JavaScript and doing graphics and interactivity with HTML canvas
  • Runs on all platforms: just open the webpage into which it's embedded, and use it!
  • realistic physics of the cars and their collisions ; which may get later even better
  • It has lots of future prospects, moreover I accept and search sponsorisation to accelerate it's development


Science/Research, Developers, End Users/Desktop

User interface

Project is a 3D engine, Web-based

Programming Language


Free download Web app or web tool FalansterCity3D from