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This is the web app or web related tool named EasyWall whose latest release can be downloaded as EasyWall.v1.0.tar.bz2 from this website




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New improved iptables tool, based on my earlier project Easy Linux Firewall, but rewritten from scratch using Perl. It's a simple rewrite for now, but i am working on adding some new features like.
Some of the improvements will be web administration panel, automatic filtering daemon, TCP listener providing easy to use API so you can integrate it on many servers and centralize them in to one Web interface to control all of them.

I am open to new ideas and also any kind of contributors, because I'm working on this alone and it isn't easy, so you are welcome to help.


Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop, Security Professionals, Security, Other Audience, System Administrators

User interface

Command-line, Console/Terminal, Non-interactive (Daemon), Web-based

Programming Language

PHP, Perl, Unix Shell

Database Environment

Flat-file, MySQL

Free download Web app or web tool EasyWall from