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This is the web app or web related tool named DotNetAge whose latest release can be downloaded as from this website





Download this app named DotNetAge.

DotNetAge is an CMS,Social Networking platform and Mvc RAD platform. DotNetAge focus on aesthetics,ease-of-use,SEO and web standards.


  • jQuery base client ability can now be made to work much more like desktop.
  • Widget-based page allows user organize the page content and features anytime anywhere.
  • Personal web site,Blog,Wikis that that provide users in an organization with a rich set of social networking.
  • SEO supports marke your web more seachable for SearchEngine.
  • Syndication anywhere in DotNetAge i.e webpages,blogs,wikis,forums.
  • Web Standards implation: RSS2.0 Atom2.0 Widget 1.0 ,MetaWeblog,Blogger,MoveableType,BlogML,RSD,FOAF,RDF
  • Content management – The powerful content management system lets developers and site administrators focus on delivering optimal solutions to meet their own unique business requirements rather than coding a custom content management system.
  • Console panels– Administrators/Web owners can define the title of your site and manage search engine descriptions (metadata) and submissions, user welcome messages, logos, backgrounds, and themes.
  • File management – Administrators / Web owners can upload files directly from their computers. Uploaded files are instantly available for use on the site and are also listed in a module that handles documents and file downloads.
  • Drag-and-drop – Users can move widgets simply by dragging and dropping them on a page
  • Themes– Built-in jQuery css themes deliver pages with a uniform appearance. Themes can be configured to modify elements such as font type, color, bullet points, and background color with web-based UI designer.
  • Globalization contents - The DotNetAge includes a multi-language localization feature that allows administrators to easily translate their sites into any language.
  • The powerful publishing ability allows you create blog,forums,wiki,article very easy.
  • Widget online editing
  • OpenSearch engine
  • OpenID


Information Technology, System Administrators, Developers

User interface

Project is a templating system, Project is a user interface (UI) system, Web-based

Programming Language

C#, Visual Basic .NET

Database Environment

Microsoft SQL Server, ADO.NET

Free download Web app or web tool DotNetAge from