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Free download cravlAndBlock Web app or web tool

This is the web app or web related tool named cravlAndBlock whose latest release can be downloaded as cravlAndBlock.jar from this website




Download this app named cravlAndBlock.

cravlAndBlock is simple java application that cravl error log file of Your web server and add all attacker IPs.
I.E. All Modsecure entries, scans and so on.
Every bad IP will be added to hosts.deny file with ALL prefix.
For sure it will not block all atacks but it will help.

How it works: use cron to start java cravlAndBlock.jar in the same folder add properties.xml (I addes sample properties.xml file).
And thats all.

Program will start from cron, read properties file and
make backup of hosts.deny file in backu location,
cravl log file / files and add entries to hosts.deny file.
It will print log information on the screen.

If You are interested in cravl and block project please make a small donation for the author by paypal (to mail [email protected]). Those donation will make the project live. Everyone needs to eat something:)

User interface

Non-interactive (Daemon)

Programming Language


Database Environment


Free download Web app or web tool cravlAndBlock from