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Common Resource Grep - crgrep

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Common Resource Grep - crgrep


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CRGREP searches for matching text in databases, various document formats, archives and other difficult to access resources.

A command line tool for name and content text matching in database tables, plain files, MS Office documents, PDF, archives, MP3 audio, image meta-data, scanned documents, maven dependencies and web resources.

CRGREP will search resources within resources of any arbitrary combination or depth, so text within a document within a zip archive, and so on.

Here you will find binary downloads and discussion ( . The actual development and issue tracking can be found here:


  • Search relational databases for matching text..
  • Supports SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and H2
  • Graph database (Neo4j) grep
  • Archive content grep; zip, tar, gz, 7z, jar, war, ear
  • Plain text files, PDF and Microsoft Office documents
  • Audio/MP3 files for title, artist and other data
  • OCR text recognition of scanned documents
  • NLP analysis to filter matching text by mood
  • Image meta-data; jpeg, bmp, png, gif, tiff
  • Maven POM file dependency match
  • Web page grep
  • Deep search combinations of resources within resources
  • Output formatting, color highlighted results


Advanced End Users, System Administrators, Developers, Testers

User interface


Programming Language


Database Environment


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