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CIN System

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CIN System


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Retrieve (via IMAP), parse, and store Copyright Infringement Notice e-mails in a MySQL database. Provide a web interface to the salient data of each Notice with search and limited report capabilities. Uses optional RequestTracker (RT) service for action recording. Uses optional database for listing organzational LAN/Network adminstrators for possible correlation to purported infringing IP address.

Development depended only on Notice e-mails and ACNS XML v1.2 schema. No other documents, devices/appliances, or marketing information was used.

Note that this project does not prevent, interrupt, or track media downloads nor is it meant to replace any such capabilities. It deals only with Notice e-mails.


  • Retrieve Infringement Notices via IMAP
  • Strict parsing of complainant data elements (according to ACNS)
  • Extensive debug output
  • Can work with several types of IMAP servers (not included); sample connection configurations for several well known IMAP servers are provided
  • Reports based on generalized U.S. university academic calendar; may be adjusted in installation configuration
  • Interaction with RT (Request Tracker) ticket creation is automated (using SCP to pass data and suitable host/RT configuration)
  • RT installation uses RT-4.4.0 (not included; some preset fields are defined; fields may be modified with RT configuation
  • MySQL database (not included); initial DB table creation files are provided
  • Apache 2.x web server (not included); with suitable SSL/TLS configuration; no certificate supplied
  • Fairly comprehensive US timezone strings handling; adjustable via installation configuration
  • Attempts to validate e-mail as valid Notice, rejecting/ignoring non-Notice mail
  • Uses LDAP authentication for database retrieval of stored Notice and frontend access (LDAP server not included; OpenLDAP is recommended)
  • Uses HTTPS and SCP for network transmission security (NOTE: NO keys are generated by this application; no encryption S/W is included)
  • GPLv3 License
  • All project code is either PHP (v5) or (UNIX) shell scripts
  • Digital (PGP) signatures in Notices are verified
  • All front-end web form fields and buttons have "hover over" help
  • One un-feature is that all configuration is done by file editing



User interface


Programming Language

Unix Shell, PHP

Database Environment


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