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The article explains the design and the characteristics of a new open source content aggregation system. Among the features of the program, stands out a new processing engine of syndication channels, monitoring capability of information recovery in real time, the possibilities of the configuration of aggregator behavior, automatic classification of contents and new models for representation of information from relational interactive maps. On the other hand, the aggregation program, which named AXYZ, is designed to manage thousands of syndication channels of RSS format. Furthermore it also provides statistics that can be used to study the production of any producer subject and the impact of the information that published in other sources. The result that has been obtained in the research, allow to create modules capable of compare the relationship between different news or information from different sources, their degree of influence and their detection by the patterns.


  • Settings panel
  • Status panel
  • General statistics
  • Custom feed statistics
  • OPML import / export
  • Smart import functions
  • Importance of feed sources
  • Processing priority of feeds
  • Three category blocks for feeds
  • Massive feed editing
  • Classification status of feeds
  • Active real time monitoring of parsers
  • 5 colaborative parsers for processing big data
  • Real time graphical stats of parsers
  • Filters editor
  • Automatic classification of content
  • Boolean filters. AND, OR, NOT, NOISE
  • Calculate news impact factor
  • Calculate news correlation
  • News portrait with share, save and print options
  • Real time monitoring news
  • Search engine for active contents
  • Automap and interactive related news
  • Favorite contents


Information Technology, Science/Research, Education, Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop, Auditors

User interface


Programming Language

PHP, JavaScript

Database Environment


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