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AEBL Mobile Media Player, changing how we consume media. AEBL is a media player and a digital media platform in use in the IHDN XPO network media system ( ).

AEBL is foremost a mobile media distribution and playback framework. It was created to be the core technology that is used in a television ad insertion and digital sign, and further development has opened up many more applications. It currently is designed to run on a raspberry Pi, although it is being ported to other systems.

The AEBL blog is located here:

For those interested in trying it out, you will need a Raspberry Pi (should be the B series with 512MB) and a SD card (4GB or higher, recommend base 8GB but the larger, the better, for content storage).

The current image is a ~680MB 7zip compressed file of it's original 2.7GB size, located on dropbox, here:


  • Video or Audio kiosk (standalone or network)
  • Personal, portable audio and video player
  • Streaming content video and audio player
  • Social media aware and interactive
  • Zeroconf / bounjour device
  • Channel content playing and sharing
  • Integrated Emergency Broadcast. 611 info, and other features
  • and Much, much more, doesn't even begin to explain it! :)


Other Audience

User interface

Web-based, Non-interactive (Daemon), Console/Terminal, Other toolkit, Email-based interface

Programming Language

Unix Shell, C, Go

Free download Web app or web tool AEBL from