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Open Books + Lumbar Rotation. LMob

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What is the purpose of this exercise?

To improve the ability to rotate at the thoracic spine (upper back.) While there is no true -normal- for how much we should have a good approximate number to shoot for is about 45 degrees each direction

This variation on the classic open book simply increases the amount of rotation at the lumbar spine (lower back)

Why would you utilize it?

Thoracic rotation influences how well we can rotate at the cervical spine (turn the head to look to the side or back behind us) and so working on it can be valuable for improving that capacity

Thoracic rotation is also of great importance for all rotational athletes (baseball, volleyball, tennis, etc.) whether from a performance or pain perspective. Having and controlling that rotation will allow for the athlete to “wind up” better as well as distribute load through a wider range of body regions (in theory helping with both pain and injury risk.)

When it comes to pain conditions – improving thoracic rotation can be helpful for improving shoulder, neck, hip, and lower back pain depending on the individual case

The addition of lumbar rotation as in this variation would mostly just be indicated in a case where someone has a really stiff spine across all regions that we want to get moving

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