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AirVūz News: World of Drones 07/06/20

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We begin in Nashville, TN where a surprise drone show replaces fireworks.
While many 4th of July events and firework shows around the United States were canceled or postponed due to Covid-19 concerns, the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp found a creative way to still have an event while social distancing.
After announcing earlier in the week that their firework show would be cancelled, they partnered with local news station 5 to air a 1-hour TV special featuring a live broadcast of music and inspirational stories, as well as last year’s firework show.
Near the end of the broadcast they even surprised their viewers with a drone light show. The drones featured sayings like #MusicCity, Vote, and patriotic images like the American flag.

A Sheriffs department in Texas deploys an innovative Drone Unit.
Kauffman County Sheriffs deputies will now be taking to the sky to help keep the county safe. Originating last fall, the department now has an arsenal of 5 drones as well as 5 deputies trained and FAA certified.
Much like K-9 units, The drones are kept with deputies in their patrol vehicles and are ready to be deployed as soon as they are deemed appropriate or dispatched to another agency.
19-year Kauffman County Sheriff’s Office Veteran, Mark Middleton never thought that his career in law enforcement would include him getting his Remote Pilot’s License.
“When I started in law enforcement drones didn’t exist, but now we have seen such great success in so many areas and scenarios where they are so useful and safer for our deputies and the public.” Said Middleton
The Kauffman County is awaiting delivery of a sixth drone and is “anxious” to get more deputies licensed.

Drone Racing League wraps up the 2020 Fanduel Sim Racing Cup season.
The Drone Racing League completed Its first ever Sim Racing Cup with Rookie Christian van Sloun aka Amari FPV taking the crown.
Amari earned his spot in the Drone Racing League earlier this year by capturing the top spot in the DRL SIM tryouts.
“DRL is the NBA of drone racing. The pilots who compete in the league are the best in the world, and coming in first throughout the FanDuel DRL SIM Racing Cup is a huge deal,” said Amari.
Congrats to Amari and congrats to the Drone Racing League who found a way to still have a successful season during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly 3 million people tuned in to the Sim Cup, which could’ve been seen on both NBC Sports and live streamed on Twitter.

Now, how about some drone videos of the week? Here in no particular order are the top-5 videos uploaded to AirVuz last week:

Drone reel 2020 by Hofcut
Showreel by Aerial Perspective
Rediscover Liberia by PilotViking
IÑIGUI 2020 Aerial Reel by inigui
Spring in Slovakia by Hike the World.

And the winner is…

IÑIGUI 2020 Aerial Reel by inigui!

When it comes to showreels, there aren’t many on AirVuz who compare to content creator Inigui. He proved that once again in this latest reel which includes footage from Mexico, the Philippines and United States. Oh, and that opening with the flamingos.. Just wow! Congrats again to inigui for winning another drone video of the week and taking home the $250 prize. This video is now eligible for the July Drone Video of the Month.

And on the FPV side… Man, it was another unreal week of Pilots to Watch. With videos from JohnnyFPV, Harley Queen, Banner Drones and more, it’s definitely one you’ll wanna check out!

Also, let’s give it up one more time for our June Video of the Month Winner DiamondSky. As for the June FPV Video of the month, that crown goes to JZFPV! Congrats again to both of them, and thanks to Florian Ledoux and drew.drones for judging those contests.

We know many of you have been wondering about the New York City Drone Film Festival. Stay tuned to AirVuz later this week for an important update!

Well, that will do it for this week’s episode thanks for tuning in and please stay safe. We’ll see you next week on World of Drones!

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