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ZamZam Project: Show Reel - London 2010

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Role: Writer, Director and Producer

The Zamzam Project is an independent documentary film and book project I have worked on for over three years.

Taking "All truth passes through three stages..." as the president, the project aims to demonstrate the human psyche's prejudicial behavior towards new information that often contradicts established beliefs due to the human mind being considered a "cognitive miser”. Hence, at first, new information is ridiculed, secondly, it is violently opposed and thirdly, it is accepted as being self-evident. Regardless of intelligence, we have a tendency to think and problem solve with minimum effort rather than a more sophisticated time-consuming manner.

This coupled with many other factors, evolved into a theory that attempts to explain Einstein's "Intelligent Fool". To trigger a revolution of the mind instead of the street!

An advanced level of research, writing, editing, branding, designing, music production, filming, team management and so much more unexpected challenges blessed us all with an amazing learning experience of a lifetime. Moreover, I believe that applying and demonstrating the above methods in dealing with controversial topics enhances the effectiveness as well as productiveness of activism.

This was a self-initiated project and I resigned from my full-time employment as a Senior Designer to manage and work full time with the team. A team of ten individuals were gathered, who volunteered and contributed towards the project professionally. I also decided to specialize further on this aspect and proposed the project for a PHD at UCA Farnham campus in Surrey. Hash Milhan, one of the volunteers I have been mentoring for a few years and a student at UCA Maidstone; undertook the branding and design development for his Graphic Design Degree 3rd year final major project.

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