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Writing a customer database system (2_4) using Human Level

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Ok, how do you build a robot that can do something really complex like write software programs? The answer is quite simple, the robot has to go to school from kindergarten to college to fully develop its cognition at a college level. The robot learns information in terms of a bootstrapping process whereby old data is built on top of new data recursively to form complex intelligent. So, for example, if the robot wants to learn computer science it has to first learn basic math, then Algebra, then Trigonometry, then Calculus, then discrete math and finally computer science . It has to learn information in this linear order In order to gain the skills to replace human programmers in the tech industry.

If you build the robot using other learning methods like deep learning, or machine learning, or training said robot inside a virtual world, it will “never” be able to write software as good as a human (in fat it won’t get past the first chapter). In order for it to equal or surpass human level intelligence, it has to learn information like a human being -- from a first person point-of-view and through the human 5 senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. This is the proper way to learn common sense knowledge and rules of life in a human society.

The video is a hypothetical demo program that shows how the robot thinks while writing software. These images and text that pop up on the screen are the direct mental thoughts and physical actions the robot must take in order to write coding. Though it was taken straight from my head, it gives the viewers an understanding of what knowledge and procedures are required in order to generate real “intelligence”.

Just like regular college students majoring in computer science, we learn how to write software from simple to complex, and while we learn, professors will give us ever more complex programming assignments. This is the linearly assignments given in a typical computer science course:
1. Write hello world.
2. Write a string manipulation program.
3. Write a program using object oriented programing by utilizing recursion.
4. Write a Linked list and various search methods like Bubblesort or Heapsort.
5. Write a customer database system.
6. Write complex software by working together in a team.

These videos are made a long time ago. There are around 20 videos in the collection and it depicts how a robot can learn complex jobs like engineering or computer programming, from simple to complex. The premise is that if the robot can do something like replace human programmers in Microsoft or IBM, it can essentially learn to do any human task regardless of how complex they may be. Basically, I’m showing people that my robot can replace all human jobs and fully automated the entire human workforce, because it has achieved Human Level Artificial Intelligence.

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