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Worms- Eaten By Dai Lr Jnsson

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As global warming gets more serious every day we have to find new ways to save the planet and still keep the same quality of life that we have gotten used to. The meat industry is highly polluting but a lot of us can’t bear the idea of giving up the delicious nutritional meals that we make from animals. In this project the possibility of using genetically modified worms for human consumption is explored. Genetically modifying the worms to be bigger and therefore giving us the ability to eat them as a steak is well possible using the methods and resources that scientist today have at there disposal. The worms are easy to breed and are good for the environment as they can live on surplus crops and other plants that us humans don’t eat furthermore the worms are nutritious as around 80% of there body is protein. The fact that people are not eager to eat worms can be solved with the fast growing technology of augmented reality and flavor enhancement additives. Glasses with these two features could give a person the experience of eating a steak dinner while they are really eating a slice of an environmentally friendly, genetically modified worm.

Final video for the Food Systems course, Product Design, 2019

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