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Welcome to Divorce Is Freedom

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For the first 34 years of my life, I built my life based on what I thought I was "supposed" to do.

Among them was buy-in to the lie that tells way too many women that the sole sum of our worth as women rests on our ability to get a guy to put a ring on it. I did everything right, and I got all the things. Solidly decent husband. Dream house. Fancy education. Dream job with fancy title. And a cute kid to boot! So how was it possible that most nights I was crying myself to sleep? I had checked all the boxes, and then some...and was miserable. 

If this sounds like you, pull up a chair and stay a bit. If you're the girl crying herself to sleep, know that you don't have to stay that way. I figured the way out.

Yes, it involved divorce. And the work I did with my coaches before, during and after the process helped me become ME, the authentic, messy, wonderful, goofy person I was born to be. Divorce really was a stepping stone to freedom for me.

I can help you claim your happy, too. The freedom I have found through the tools I teach my clients has transformed me into a woman who is:

---> Sure of who she is.

---> Unafraid to be herself.

---> Present for her kid, and confident as a mom.

---> Not wasting money on stupid shit she doesn't need.

---> Not losing sleep worried that she said the wrong thing.

---> Owning her own company that helps women fucking LEVEL UP.

---> Saying "THANK YOU, NEXT" to partners that cross boundaries.

and, most importantly, 

---> ABSOLUTELY unwilling to make herself small to please others.

Whether you are trying to decide to get a divorce, or already in the midst of one, I have tools to help take you from "I don't know what to do" to "let's DO this!" 

Take my hand. Let's get you launched into the life you were born to live. The YOU waiting on the other side of the struggle is a woman worth fighting for.

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