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WebinarJam Trial (44 Day Trial Pricing Hack)

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WebinarJam Trial (44 Day Trial Pricing Hack)

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WebinarJam's cloud-based broadcasting technology allows you to reach up to 5000 people in one presentation without breaking a sweat (or breaking the bank).

If you have the audience, Webinar Jam can deliver your message to them!

You can go solo or host a roundtable of experts to collaborate and share your knowledge on screen.

Live Chat

Chat and run Q&As in real time.

It's no secret: live interaction with your attendants is crucial to keep your webinar events engaging and alive.

WebinarJam empowers you with flexible options: live chat, question and answer, private comments, moderation capabilities, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, etc.

You’ll have everything you need to keep your attendees fully hooked all the way through!

Automated Recordings

Perfect replica replays of your live webinars.

If you activate the option, WebinarJam will automatically record your live broadcast in a video file.

But, it’s not just a simple recording.

The “Replica Replay” feature mimics, second-by-second, everything that happened in the Live Room!

Flexible Scheduling

Run your webinars exactly when and how you need them.

Do you want to open a live room right now? Sure, no problem.

Perhaps schedule an event for later on this week? Absolutely!

How about a recurrent series of webinars, such as every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 pm EST? Just a couple of clicks away.

And what if you need an "Always-On" room you can use over and over again?

They reserve a dedicated room, branded with your business, so you can log in at any time and go live within seconds.

Attendee Spotlight

Bring people from the audience onto your virtual stage.

Let your audience have a voice, too!

Invite any of your webinar attendees to join you during the presentation at any time.

Page Builder

Maximize your registrations with our professionally designed pages.

Select your favorite template from our gorgeous library, and then customize the contents as you please: colors, text copy, images, your logo, upload a video, etc.

And if you’re unsure which design will work better, WebinarJam's system can rotate two designs — tracking in real-time which one brings more registrations into your event.

Full Email & SMS System

Keep your subscribers in the loop.

Getting people to sign up for your webinar event is one thing... getting them to show up or follow up is a different story.

WebinarJam allows you to schedule a series of reminder notifications, both via email and phone text, so your registrants never miss your events!

And post-webinar, you craft emails based on their actions such as missing your webinar, leaving early, or staying until the end.

Panic Button

Sometimes tech issues happen... now you've got an escape plan.

No matter how robust a webinar platform is (and WebinarJam is plenty!), technical mishaps do happen: your webcam wouldn't turn on, or your audience cannot hear your audio, or you lose connection to the room, etc.

Easy Presentations

Present like a pro with Powerpoint or Keynote slides.

Powerpoint and Keynote slides are the holy grail of presentations. They just get the job done!

With WebinarJam, you can simply import your presentation file and run it to your audience seamlessly in High Definition.

Easily scroll forwards or backward through your presentation with ease.

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WebinarJam Trial (44 Day Trial Pricing Hack)

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