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Unreal Engine 4 at CODDY SCHOOL

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Computer games have long become an integral part of every child's life. Modern masterpieces of the gaming industry amaze the imagination with high precision of details, stunning graphics and physics, more like a reality.

Meanwhile, creating beautiful, realistic, cool and exciting video games can even be done by a child! Do you want your kid to take a look at the computer games from the other side and switch from being a player to become a creator of full cycle games? Then welcome to the Unreal Engine 4 course in Moscow from CODDY.

Your child will learn how to create modern games of different genres and directions, learn everything from what the games consist of and how they are developed. The course does not require special knowledge and training, so it will suit all kids from 10 years old with basic computer skills.

Advantages of Unreal Engine
Most games and 3D projects are created with game engines which include a huge set of tools developed by the largest companies in the media industry. Unreal Engine - one of the most powerful game engines of our time. Developed and supported by Epic Games from 1998, in early versions and current, it was used to develop more than a hundred released game projects.

• Written in C ++, the engine allows you to develop games for most operating systems (PC, MacOS X, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS and Android)
• Engine Unreal Engine 4 was used to create well-known blockbuster games and series, such as Borderlands, Gears of War, BioShock, Mass Effect and many others
• For many years this unique software was available only to large companies, but since 2015 the game engine can be used by anyone absolutely free of charge
• Developing games on the Unreal Engine 4 is perfect for learning from scratch. This is a universal tool that allows you to create interactive, photorealistic and stylized virtual worlds. By simply installing the Unreal Engine 4 engine on the computer, you will get access to the beautiful graphics, a lot of convenient tools and flexible material settings. The most important advantage is the system of visual scripting which allows you to write a game without a single line of code!

Creating a game on the Unreal Engine in our courses turns into an exciting and interesting process. This game engine can develop realistic images with well-designed physics. Children will not have to think about creating beautiful water or for trees to sway from the gusts of the wind. These functions are already provided in the engine itself and the children will only have to use all the variety of different possibilities.

Today you can find many free online lessons of the Unreal Engine 4. However, we recommend that you master this unique tool in a company of likeminded people and under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

What will “Unreal Engine 4” course give children?
Unreal Engine 4 course allows you to combine the interest of kids in computer games and studying of complex technologies for creating and managing a game environment. This course will allow your child to:

• learn each section of game development in a full cycle (general coverage of specialties)
• learn how to create and customize game objects of various types and design three-dimensional scenes
• develop logical skills (algorithmic)
• develop creative skills (spatial thinking)
• be able to choose for himself a direction of further development (design or programming)

Upon completion of the course every student will have his own unique realistic game.
Unreal Engine course in Moscow give children an excellent opportunity to translate creative ideas into real game projects!

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