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TRT Health Motif - Casestudy film

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Balancing tradition and modernity to bring Chinese medicine to a new audience


We worked with Tong Ren Tang, China’s largest producer of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), to create Motiv, a modern supplement brand making use of tried-and-tested ingredients. With its convenient supplement format and tailored preparations, each with different benefits, Motiv aimed to target a younger audience – many of whom have started to turn away from TCM in favour of Western approaches to healthy living. The aim was to attract these youthful individuals, encouraging them to try something new by helping them to understand the brand and immerse themselves in a wider brand experience.

We took our inspiration from this need for balance. After all the idea of balance sits at the heart of the brand, and of TCM in general. The need to balance a healthy body with a healthy mind, and to balance tradition with technology.

The pack concept was inspired by a shape and form found in traditional Chinese pottery, but designed in a fresh contemporary way. This spinning-top shape acts as a playful visual metaphor for the idea of balance.

The shape of the pack was also based on cells, giving a scientific feel. Interlocking ridges allow multiple packs to stack together, acting as a representation of organic cell structures. This creates striking visual theatre and standout in a competitive retail environment.

These two visual concepts – ancient Chinese pottery and human cells – were fused after a lengthy prototyping and manufacturing process, in close collaboration with our client. Different variants are signalled through a confident and striking colour palette. The colourful caps added a soft touch, while the bodies acted as a bold statement. Through design thinking, we factored in methods to control costs by introducing rationalised packaging. Everything, from the shape and form of the bottles through the bold use of colour and careful use of materials, were all thoughtfully designed to articulate the spirit of Motiv and appeal to our target audience.

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