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Track 1. Biometric Example

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An example of the biometric music research conducted by Finn idris (credited as composer, performer, sound designer and recording engineer). This piece features the use of two phones accelerometer's via the oscHook application. The linear velocity of different photos x, y and z axes is controlled by the performer via straps to each forearm. The velocity is then mapped into MaxMSP via wifi connection and porting, attenuated for finer data dimensions then converted to Midi in Ableton live via Max for Live third party OSC plugins. The velocity data is then mapped to pitch controls within Ableton then ported out into a modular synth. The Doepfer A-190-5 accepts the midi controls from Ableton then converts this into control voltages, these voltages are then used to manipulate the incoming wet viola signal via the use of granular technology (Mutable Instruments Clouds) and formant filtering (Rossum electro-music Morpheus). The overall result is a highly reactive dry/wet blend of re-pitched grains and viola all performed live with no post modulation or tracking. The recording has been compressed and mixed in order to present a more polished result.

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