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Territories among parallel worlds

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Fiction novel by John Damocles Smith available on and other major on-line retailers.

Genre:- Adventure fiction/Sci-Fi, Fantasy.

Title: Territories among parallel worlds

Set in an alternative timeline of 2010 and onwards, except 25 years farther advanced in technology, other planets are colonized by accessing parallel dimensions and alternate timelines.
Militant organisations (most good but some malevolent) rule throughout united territories connected by means of teleportation technology.

During the era of an uneasy truce between an esteemed Hierarchy and an untrustworthy, oppressive, enemy faction, the multi-national warriors of The Hierarchy start to excavate the oldest of the colonies on the hot, semi-tropical world of Aranatta. What started as an archaeological excavation became a mission to seek and destroy lethal, banned, secret techniques the malevolent Hegemony wishes to use to defeat other ruling organizations and to conquer other territories.
Meanwhile, The Hegemony, who never intended to maintain the peace treaty, initiate plans to falsely accuse The Hierarchy of violation as a pretext to resume war.
Firearms, melee weapons, amplified psychic powers and magic potions co-exist.


The feel and theme of the book:-

Adventure Fiction with Sci-Fi elements. Exploration/archaeology of old sites on other planets via travel through parallel dimensions. Meanwhile, an enemy faction plans to violate the peace treaty.
Emphasis on the feel of the story and characters. Alternate timeline 2010 AD.

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