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Take care of me -excerpt

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Take care of me is a narrative text transformed into video through a python script. The text intertwines the “formation” of two characters: the first is a neural network (one of the most powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms) and the second is a soldier (artist’s uncle), enrolled under the fascist regime first in the colonial war in Ethiopia and then WWII, Eastern Front, which will commit suicide on return. By intertwining the two stories, parallels are installed between the creation of two consciousnesses, describing their internal states, objectives and training processes.

Neural networks are the most used machine learning algorithms at the basis of what is called artificial intelligence: the process of “building” the network takes place by learning, through the connection structure between nodes, imitating neural connections in the human brain. This construction is the result of how the model is conceived, of the constraints imposed and of the data used for training: they often are strong biased toward the dominant point of view of a male, white, heterosexual, English-speaking, colonizer.
My uncle was a soldier under the fascist regime: the colonial war against Ethiopia, where the Italians were guilty of crimes against humanity through the use of chemical weapons, justified in light of strong racism, was his training.
Intertwining the two stories is a way of enlighten the relationships between the individual self and the social, political, linguistic and technological structures that determine their constraints and horizons of meaning.

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