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Surah Al Muzzamil By Bander Baleela

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Sheikh Bander Balila Surah Al Muzzammil with English Translation ( Sahih International ) . Surah Al Muzzamil (Arabic: المزمل‎, “The Enshrouded One”, “Bundled Up”, “Enfolded”) is the 73rd chapter (surah) of the Quran. It has 20 verses (ayat) and is one of the Meccan surahs.
سورة المزمل بصوت الشيخ بندر بن عبد العزيز بليلة
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Biography of Bandar Balila
His full name is Bandar Abdul Aziz Balila, who is also known for his sweet voice and for mastering the Quranic readings.

Sheikh Bandar Balila was born in 1395 Hijry, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in which he grew up and received his education until he obtained his college degree.

Sheikh Bandar Abdul Aziz decided to devote many years of his college studies to study in depth the Islamic Shari’a, as he joined “Oum Al Qura” University, in which he obtained his masters’ degree in “Al Fiqh” from the University of Shari’a and Islamic studies in 1422 Hijry.

After obtaining his masters’ degree, Sheikh Bandar Balila joined the Islamic University in Medina, and he was able to get a doctorate degree in “Al Fiqh” from Al Shari’a University in 1429 Hijr.

Sheikh Bandar Balila held several positions, as he worked as a teacher of “Al Fiqh” in the Institute of “Al Haram Al Maki Al Sharif” in the higher department, as well as working as an assistant teacher in “Al Taif” University.

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