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Spiro Clock - project documentation

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"Spiro Clock" is a coded interpolation of time inspired by the Spirograph. Spirograph is a type of patterns created by drawing multiple circles one next to the other in a circular contour. Spirograph patterns looks a lot like rotating gears inside of the clock, this was the inspiration behind visualizing time using this artistic yet technical approach.

Within Processing, trigonometric drawing methods were used to create circular shapes (like Spirographs) in order to visualize time. Depending on the number of hours, minutes and seconds, and their specified radius, small points are generated along the radius of the Spirograph shape one next to the other. ControlP5, an external library to Processing was used to create sliders to control and manipulate the shaped of the Spirograph, therefore making the interpolation more interactive. The interface allows the user to specify the time to be visualized using colored sliders. Each color represents a fragment of time; red for hour, blue for minute and green for second.

This was my final project for the “Programming Interactive Objects 1” course by Andreas Gysin in the “Advanced Science and Interaction Design” master program at SUPSI. The topic was visualising time using Processing. The short video was a documentation summary of the design process leading to the final outcome.

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