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Sound Sculpt Audio AR

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The SoundSculpt is a generative MIDI tool for enhanced perception performance transforming the practice of sculpting into Audio AR technology.

The tradition and practice of sculpting days back to ancient Greece and ancient China time, within the long evolution of sculpting, various tools and methodologies are developed. From hand shaping to digital sculpting with 3d software, sculpting gets easier and more convenient, but the sensory of volume, movement and massing tend to get eliminated. To regain the rich and pleasant experience, the AR MIDI tool SoundSculpt provides the user a chance to do sculpting in a novel medium: sculpting a virtual bubble with multi-sensory from inside out while doing MIDI performance. In this experience, the user can perform sculpting movement spatially with hearing and touch at the same time of generating life music and visual art. The SoundSculpt, which can be deployed to an AR app for individual use or web-based software for larger visual projection, is developed using BOSE AR Frame.

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