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Singularity: Workshop + Performance w/ Stanislav Glazov and Valentin Tszin

During the workshop, visual artist Stanislav Glasov and dancer/performer Valentin Tszin will present their latest project Singularity, which is an augmented, immersive performance, bringing together the dancer’s movement, and the virtual world of the stage, while still keeping its relationship with musical aspects.

During the 3-hour workshop, Stanislav and Valentin will present their performance both as a result of the use of visual technologies in performing arts and as a guiding thread to provide feedback on art-science collaboration.

Artists will describe how the performance was constructed aesthetically and technically to make the relationship between the dancer’s movements and the reactions in the physical world clear for the audience.

The workshop will be divided into two sections:

Behind the scene

In this section, we’ll introduce the role of the media artist who works alongside light and sound technicians to set up the hardware and software elements required to create sounds and visual effects. Stanislav Glazov will demonstrate tools and algorithms that he developed working on performance ‘Singularity’, and provide feedback on the use of Kinect using TouchDesigner– a generic tool for music augmented performances, that enables to synchronize the movement of the dancer with music as well as visual display.

Creating the choreography

In this section, we’ll present the point of view of the project’s choreographer Valentin Tszin. The position of man, balancing between nature and technology, is the basis upon which the choreography was constructed. As Singularity confronts us with new technologies, the choreography needs to highlight every possible interaction in order to establish a continuous and understandable link between the dancer’s movement and the virtual world of the stage.

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