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Shrink your (attack) surface, sharpen your (cyber) security

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Digitization and cloud adoption are rapidly accelerating in the oil & gas industry. According to industry research, 70% of companies in the sector are either planning to or actively investing technology to accelerate decisions, predict issues, and optimize costs across exploration, production, transportation, refining, and marketing.

With growing digitization comes the obvious growth in cyber risks. The connectivity improvement brings operational efficiency, yet exposes production data and industrial machinery, not just end-users and IT systems, to new threats. And users now find tools like the browser have become core components of their life in the cloud.

Oil & gas facilities continually face threats from both opportunistic attackers as well as state-sponsored actors. These threats include social engineering, such as phishing, disruptive events such as ransomware, or even concealed attacks via malvertising that target end-user machines as well as ICS and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems via vulnerable end-users.

The browser often acts as a common denominator for attackers to infiltrate systems across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Attackers use the web and email to get in, and once they're in, they move around looking for appropriate targets to cause maximum damage.

Attendees at this webcast will learn:
· How do these threats proliferate?
· How does remote working environment impact our security?
· The role of the browser isolation in ensuring security
· What can we do to maximize our security dollar in today's environment?

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