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Ric Zweig - Magister Ludi - I Love My Dog

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THIS IS OUR NEW YOUTUBE MUSIC VIDEO "MAGISTER LUDI - I LOVE MY DOG". SOME WELL-READ VIEWERS MIGHT RECOGNIZE 'MAGISTER LUDI' as the name given to describe the leader of a mythical country named Castalia, written about by Hermann Hesse in his 1947 Nobel Prize for Literature winner 'THE GLASS BEAD GAME'. The appointed leader of the nation was called the 'MAGISTER LUDI', a combination of President, Pope, Prime Minister and King. The currency of the nation was supreme knowledge in the arts, music and science. The book is the story of a young boy, Joseph who ultimately becomes the Magister Ludi when he grows up. My late Scotish Shetland Sheep dog was named in honor of the fictional character, who very much influenced my life. "Ludi", as we called him for short, was fond of rounding up the small neighborhood children and protecting them by constantly running around them in a circle. We miss him more than words can describe. RZ

The video was directed and edited by Tony Colella who also featured his beloved and missed Labrador 'Jack' (Born in 2003) who died from cancer in 2012 at age 9, and Jack's best buddy, Maltese Poodle named 'Buddy' (age 12 at the time of this release). Editing the video was an emotional experience for Tony because he had not allowed himself to look at these aged video clips since Jack left him nearly 8 years prior. At one point during the edit, Tony put the headphones on Buddy to see if he would recognize Jack's bark.

The audio was produced by Luis Salazar who also played the electric guitar. The nylon acoustic guitar and electric bass were played by Chuck Kirkpatrick. Tony also played the drums and contributed to the lyric writing. Ivan Matos filmed the parts of the vid with Oliver the Dog and yours truly, and lastly we sang the lead, did the backing vocals and wrote the music and lyrics, and arranged the tune. If u love ur dog, u might just enjoy our efforts. THANK YOU, Ric Zweig (BMI) (C) (P) July 2020.

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