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Log Line
If each of us is one of the pieces of a puzzle, the process of forming a group is the process of putting us together.

The film tells the story of forming a group and how balancing the ratio of the individual to the whole is the focus of the film, so the way in which each group member shows their individual characteristics within the collective space is visible and the results presented. It is a combination of documentary and animation, presented using 360/VR.

Twitter/Facebook Blurb
Man is a social animal and needs to live in a group from birth to death. A good group relationship can help to shape a person into a healthier personality. But the fact is that many people do not know how to deal with the relationship between the individual and the group, and this causes many problems. Watching this film may give some inspiration to those who are confused, as our group has made this film by visually translating the experiences of ourselves. We show the fusion of individuality and group space and try to explore the issue of proportion. Each person has a very distinctive personality and a unique way of expressing themselves, but the goal of integration is the same. It is the different individuals and the right combination that creates an interesting and harmonious group.

Credits (fill as needed)
Xinyi Zhang, Jiayi Fang, Archie Locke, Jinyi Ni, Tong Xu, Tongxin Ruan, Brittany Smith

Jiayi Fang, Jinyi Ni, Tong Xu, Tongxin Ruan

Hot Cheese Soup
By Steven’s Life

Xinyi Zhang, Jiayi Fang, Archie Locke, Jinyi Ni, Tong Xu, Tongxin Ruan, Brittany Smith

Xinyi Zhang, Tong Xu

Artist/ Director’s statement
The VR film is a collaboration between animation and documentary, where we discussed ideas and worked together to present the whole story in a 360 format. The previous work extracted one aspect of each person to integrate into a whole, while this work separates the whole to highlight individual characteristics as a re-creation. Tongxin drew the lower body part of each photo and then put them together on the background. In order to keep the characters from being distorted, we focused on the 3D background perspective. Jiayi created some daily elements related to each person because her job was to draw the "personality". She chose to paint with watercolors rather than computer software because she wanted to reduce the industrial feel of the work. Drawing on paper makes the picture look sincerer and is more conducive to the communication between the work and the audience. Animated GIFs and audio tracks from the previous project were used. A random person's self-statement is displayed in a dialog box and the new watercolor paintings appear as the person speaks. The background music was re-chosen and the quirky but happy style remained. After editing and exporting the video, there were some random flickers and color changes. We didn't know why, but it was funny so we kept it. Let people feel the possibility of the existence of VR animation is our further purpose, at the same time we hope that the combination of plane and VR technology can give people a special visual experience.

Contact details
Name Xinyi
Surname Zhang

Name Jiayi
Surname Fang

Name Archie
Surname Locke

Name Jinyi
Surname Ni

Name Tong
Surname Xu

Name Tongxin
Surname Ruan

Name Brittany
Surname Smith

Technical info
Length: 01:02
Size: 1920x960 HD
Sound: Stere0

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