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“Intensify’ is a web-based game that is designed to be used for people to engage in conversation with those who might not look, speak or act as we do. Opinions are personal and so is perspective, the game encourages all players to be open minded and understanding of how we view other people’s perspectives. The
game has been developed over the course of the academic year, the layout and designs have
constantly been refined to reflect the happenings within society e.g. Black Lives Matter, Laws, Race, the environment and gender and equality.
The impact of Covid-19 makes it more important than ever to communicate and strengthen
connections with people around us In order to challenge loneliness, through encouraging depth within conversations and to learn from the experiences of others. “Technology has actually given us new tools to study love. It’s helped us do very rigorous research, and get consistent results across studies which are replicable, on topics which really matter, both practically and theoretically”
(Varghese, 2019).

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