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Point A Point B

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Proposed physical latent space created as part of DESMA 24: Motion, Spring 2021, taught by Professor Refik Anadol. Maps were scraped from Flickr and compiled into a dataset for the training of a StyleGAN2 algorithm hosted by RunwayML through 6000 training cycles. The StyleGAN2 algorithm outputted images and video of imaginary maps based on its learning, which were applied to virtual 3D environments for a proposed installation questioning our representations of space, distance, and where we are headed in locations conducive to travel. Rendered and animated in Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, and compiled in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Audio used is Ether by We Are All Astronauts. Copyright We Are All Astronauts, 2019. Used without permission for educational purposes.

A huge thank you to Refik Anadol and Carrie Chen for their help and guidance in this project.

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