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Do you want to see how the pharmaceutical equipment works before you pay? Do you want to discuss your task with a specialist in the pharmaceutical business? Looking for ideas for pills, pellets, capsules, creams, ointments, powders? Do you want to make the right choice of the optimal equipment model? The world's largest pharmaceutical video portal. Specialists of the company have collected video presentations of various pharmaceutical, packaging, industrial equipment. Demonstration of equipment for the production of tablets, solid gelatin capsules, soft gel capsules, dragee, granules, powder, cream, ointment, suspension, liquid medicines, suppositories, gel. Demonstration and description of packaging, packing, mixing, pelletizing, sieving, grinding, tabulation, gel preparation, filling, capping, label sticker, cardboard packaging, blister packing, packing, and counting, coating, drying, quality testing. Video clips from experts on soft packaging, sachet, glass ampoules and vials, bottles, tubas, doy-pack, thermal shrinkage label, screw cap, dosing in the production of drugs and pharmaceutical products. Our visitors will be able to see all processes how it is done. We also help you choose different kinds of pharmaceutical equipment - laboratory tablet press, rotary tablet press, hydraulic press, granulators, mixers, drying, vacuum powder conveyor, blistering machines, packaging machines, capsule filling machines and many other kinds of equipment. Our consultants will help with the discussion, selection, payment, and delivery of pharmaceutical equipment to your city. For over 17 years we have been working in this industry for our customers.
Company CEO Mr. Roman Tsibulsky
Mobile phone WhatsApp +375-29-308-00-00
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Skype: RomanTsibulsky

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