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Our Solutions to Your Problems

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Do you find the same themes keep cropping up in suicide investigations?
• Lots of risk assessment, but very little risk management or safety planning.
• Documentation of escalating risk, but no concurrent action
• Or minimalist documentation that does not exhibit the thinking behind the clinical decisions.
• Care breaks down at interfaces and families don’t feel included.
• Maybe you are worrying that bed pressures are affecting clinical decisions.

If you have a problem that has not gone away, doing more of the same isn’t the solution. If you believe people in suicidal distress deserve better, if you believe that your staff should have in their arsenal the most advanced evidence based approaches in suicide prevention training, get in touch, based on relational safety we may have some novel solutions for familiar crisis care problems.

At Progress guide everything we do challenges the status quo in the practice of mental health care. We have teamed up with Maudsley learning to bring to you a training package that will be transformative for crisis care, PROTECT. Whether it be a solid foundation for your aspirations of zero suicide or meeting the regulatory requirements of the care quality commission, we have a solution of each of your recalcitrant problems – take the old chestnut of inadequate documentation, in the NOTES framework, we provide the structure which can bring the necessary rigor for professionals to document meaningful narratives that help appraise the options that are available for therapeutic interventions including an escalation plan and details of who it is shared with. NOTES is one of the many innovative solutions in PROTECT. The overarching package comprising of 3 modules, CORE provides the foundation, the essential principles of care, ASSESS covers all aspects of recovery oriented crisis assessments and ASPIRE is the journey which begins with a focus on safety and hope all the way to self reliance. The three modules make up 16 chapters, each chapter providing unique solutions to entrenched problems in suicide care, and you can have it all or pick and choose based on your priorities. For example, Staff stuck in the meaningless risk stratification of high, medium and low would learn to rethink risk in a nuanced fashion along a dynamic continuum. Staff struggling to strike a balance between risk and recovery can use the care compass. Staff struggling with compassion fatigue can reignite their passion for caring using the pain relief narrative. Staff engaging in mindless tick and flick risk assessments would engage in the practice of empathy in action. Making meaning together of a difficult time, creating relational safety in the process. They will transition from what’s the matter with you to what matters to you, cause what matters to the person is at the heart of their emotional pain and suicidal distress and if one can grapple with it and get a genuine sense of it, it is possible to chip away at the pain or raise one’s tolerance to it. This mindset shift from a deficits based approach to assets based recovery oriented care is the golden thread that weaves through protect.

If you have a problem, we have a solution, look forward to hearing from you and sharing some novel solutions to familiar crisis care problems.

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