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ОNLYHUMAN (directed by Yana Klimova-Yusupova) | trailer

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Sasha and his girlfriend Lora are a few days away from their move to Spain. Everything seems to be going smoothly: Sasha is an acclaimed, award-winning barmen, Lora – a beauty with a great education. They’ve packed almost all of their belongings and are waiting for a farewell party, with all of the guests being “proper”, glam and “helpful” people. But there is a hidden problem: Sasha merely pretends to be a happy person, who jogs in the mornings and is waiting to start his own bar in Barcelona. He slowly understands that it is merely a role that he chooses to play. This realization came to him when he found his mother, who gave him away as a newborn over 30 years ago. Sasha is forced to get to know his mother; moreover, only with this encounter will he truly get to know himself.

If you choose the middle way, you won’t find either the innocent, nor the guilty in life. Especially when it comes to everyday, household dramas. Everyone has his/her own truth, and just one chance to make a choice. Our protagonist grew up in an orphanage. He never knew his mother, but always tried to find her. When he suddenly finds her, it might seem that she is the antagonist; but gradually, delving deeper into her story we discover her own, personal truth. Was she “guilty” of leaving her newborn baby at the hospital? Or is her mom the “guilty” one, because she would not let her bring the baby home? But wait: the grandmother also has her truth. Why does our protagonist, having found his mother, continue to suffer? Maybe the problem is in his girlfriend that proves patronizing and does not allow him to be his own man? Or does our protagonist feel loneliness because he is simply unable to love?

I wanted to write a story about people. About living people. A story where all of them have their own truth and make their own mistakes. It’s a universal story, where everyone will recognize themselves, where every person will be able to see his/hers fears and weaknesses, but will also understand that it is never too late to change anything.

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