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Niflaata - Omer Mizrahi

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This video shows some ffootage ofmy final project concluding the four years of my B.Design studies in Shenkar College.

This illustrated model tells the biblical story of David and Jonathan from two perspectives:

The religious traditional interpretation is shown through various scenes presented in the model in front of you. These scenes sample chronological milestones of the David-Jonathan story. According to this traditional perspective, David and Jonathan were very close friends.

However when you scan the model with the Augmented Reality app, virtual 3D scenes appear upon the model that provide a different interpretation of the very same text whereby David and Jonathan were actually lovers, constituting the only homosexual love story that appears in the bible.

When scanned, the Augmented Reality adds a virtual layer with animation and depth to the classical illustrations of the model. The decision to convey the modern interpretation through modern technology and the traditional interpretation through classic illustration echoes the same idea. The modern interpretation adds depth and complexity to the very same text, characters and story. They depend upon and affect each other – it is up to us to choose the method of observation.

In times in which Israel still doesn't fully support LGBTQ rights, this interpretation which traditional commentators did not address – sheds new light on the biblical roots of LGBTQ of Israel. The tension between the physical and virtual stories brings to the surface the tension between the biblical text and interpretation, between "truth" and perspective. Are we open-minded and open-hearted enough to accept "Your love for me was more wonderful than that of women"(Samuel 2, 2:26) at face value?

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