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Nicolas Sassoon Ripples, 2016

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Nicolas Sassoon Ripples, 2016 Animation / Digital animation Dimensions Variables / Variable Dimensions 3 min

A basis of Nicolas Sassoon's visual research centres on digital abstract animations created using a moiré patterning technique; consisting in the overlap of two images to generate the illusion of a third image. This particular animation technique, based on repetition and experimentation, has become an essential and recurrent process in his practice, a basis he regularly comes back to for almost all of his projects. The animations created through this process – which RIPPLES is a part of – feature abstract and pixelated patterns informed by atmospheric, geologic and natural forces. Initially, these animations are published online and displayed on screen as endless hypnotic surfaces, similar to all-over paintings or wallpapers in their composition, where a motif repeats itself indefinitely. The optical properties of these works generate tensions and oscillations in the perception of depth and flatness within the space of the screen. Some of these works also manifest in physical space as monumental projections scaled to the architecture in context, generating an experience adjusted to the human body. At large, this body of work relates to many histories of abstraction in painting, optical art, moving image and computer graphics. Natural forces become mediated using the language of digital abstraction, connecting visual experiences reminiscent of both the natural and the digital.

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