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Nevada Museum Grants

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Music plays

Title reads. “Get Accessible”

2 visually impaired people using white canes enter a museum.

A visually impaired woman speaks: “Museum’s, art galleries, forget it, what is the point? You walk through, and I know, you can push a button and you can hear stuff, that doesn’t turn my crank, I’m sorry.”

Visually impaired man, using a white cane to assist him in navigating a museum gallery space walks toward a wall of photographs.

2nd visually impaired woman holding a white cane and seen in a museum gallery setting speaks: “Being able to access art is a huge part of our culture, and our history, and where we’ve come from and where we’re going."

3rd woman, holding white cane stands in a museum gallery setting behinds a 3 dimensional photo and speaks as she runs her hands over a 3 dimensional photo to determine its shape and texture: "It’s not all about just seeing something, it’s the way you interact with it, it’s the way that you experience it.”

Many blind and visually impaired people are seen experiencing a 3-dimensional tactile photo using their hands and fingers in place of vision. 3rd woman wearing dark glasses and holding a white cane in museum gallery speaks: “There are blind consumers that really want to have access to this type of art. I’m one of them. I’m one of them.”

Man’s hand can be seen experiencing a photo of a young boy.

2nd man speaks: “It’s like WOW, I saw it, and I felt it, and you were just part of it.”

Woman dressed in bright red with large smile is seen enjoying a photo using touch to experience the shape. Photos hang on the gallery walls behind her.
3rd visually impaired woman speaks: “I thought, hey, I’m actually having an artistic moment. I’m experiencing the beauty and the power of art, and I don’t think that’s happened to me very often.”

Visually impaired man speaks about experiencing photos in a museum setting: "It’s ground breaking and life changing for someone who can’t see."

A couple is seen from above enjoying a tactile photo exhibit at a Washington, DC museum.

Standing in front of conventional photos and a 3-dimensional tactile photo, Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind speaks:
“So to the historical and cultural institutions around the world that wonder if there’s something more they can do? The answer’s yes."

With many blind people in the background experiencing photographs, a 4th woman speaks: “Get accessible. Let blind people in the doors in a way that allows us to actually experience.”

Many hands are seen experiencing 3 dimensional photos. 1st woman speaks: “Everybody should experience 3D images. I don’t know how we cannot go there, with every photograph, every painting.”

A blind person’s hand is seen touching a Muslim woman’s hand. They connect. The Muslim hand belongs to a 3-dimensional photo.

John Olson Co-founder of 3DPhotoWorks, is seen on camera. He speaks: "When you serve the blind community with tactile information you’re changing lives. How often can a museum say, “I changed a life”?

1st woman becomes emotional. Places hand over mouth and face and tears up.:

Text comes on screen offering Nevada museums and science centers the opportunity to apply for grantS from the National Federation of the Blind to “Make exhibits accessible for blind people."

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